Mindy kaling b j novak dating 2016

Funny lady Mindy Kaling admitted during an interview on “Watch What Happens Live” that playing B. Novak’s love interest on “The Office” wasn’t exactly easy after they split in real life.

“I can’t speak [for] him, but I think for me it was challenging to be in your mid-twenties — I’m such a sentimental person and I take things very hard — but that’s the nice thing about long friendships,” she said. Novak about their 'Office' co-workers Last year, it was reported the former couple were asked to pen a book on their relationship for a whooping .5 million, though nothing has come of the rumors yet.

“Complicated,” he said when asked to describe Kaling in one word.While Novak has embraced their close friendship over the years, he was the one to break up with Kaling and he’s never seemed particularly enthusiastic about revisiting the relationship, despite his mother’s and Howard Stern’s words of encouragement. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker asked the actress on a date on Twitter, but it seems less than likely a quick online flirtation for press purposes could result in a child, although it’s certainly not unheard of (just look at all of the babies on Bumble).It’s possible Kaling and Novak are having a little bundle of joy, as he is the Danny to her Mindy; still, it’s equally feasible it’s a true stranger (to her devoted audience, not Kaling), as it doesn’t look like she’s going to disclose details on the baby daddy anytime soon.Kaling, 36, said something similar in an interview with Novak, 36, also credits his father William Novak, who was Nancy Reagan‘s ghostwriter, for inspiring him to pursue writing as a career.“The most inspiring thing was just seeing him do it,” he told PEOPLE. I think a lot of writers spend years just getting up the courage to write because it seems like such a fantasy of a profession.

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