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However, I think there are comparatively few men who can sustain an erection for long enough to be able to bring a woman to G spot orgasm during intercourse…Most men ejaculate long before the woman is ready to come in this way.Without an adequate boundary it becomes hard to distinguish between self and non-self. Lisa Ann is a cougar vet with lots of sexual experience and a super hot bod to boot!It also has a significant relationship to her capacity to achieve orgasm (and so by implication to a man’s ability to make a woman come).There are many internet programs which seek to help women in this regard, including Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, which is reviewed here.

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In other words, each individual woman needs to experience her body as possessing a boundary which both delineates self-identity and serves as a protective shield against perceived dangers.

And that may be why so many programs have offered remedies for broken relationships – not least Mike Fiore, whose program Text Your Ex Back is the primary resource for people trying to get back together with an ex-partner.

An aroused person feels different all over their body.

As a man helps her come, or as she becomes more orgasmic, or as her level of arousal increases, a woman’s excited body is different to the body she knows most of the time from day to day.

It’s conceivable these changes may be frightening and therefore ultimately prevent the attainment of orgasm, either by herself or by a partner hoping to make his a woman come.

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