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Google search data on the fiery redhead from Dublin, Ireland shows that many people are asking if she has a boyfriend and who she may or may not have had a relationship with.

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Here, you will find thousands of transsexual women and men who like transsexual women, whether you are looking for matches in the USA, in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

She's Loiy from The Philippines and I never thought about starting a long-distance relationship.

But the fact is I felt a strong attraction to her from the very beginning, so I told myself "why not? Seven months after, I visited Loiy for the second time in the Philippines and we are now seriously engaged after I asked for her hand from her parents.

To ensure the quality of our site, our male members will be asked to upgrade to a Premium membership in order to use our chat system, but making your profile and reviewing your matches is totally free.

And for transgender women, the site is 100% free, and will always be!

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