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In short, my uncle raped me and deflowered me at 14. It was then that my mother raised her voice that I had reported him to her before. How I wish, mothers, especially, should learn to listen to their children and not shut them down anytime they try to speak with them.She stupidly thanked God that my uncle did not touch me. I did not correct her because it was rather too late. I thought I was the only one in the world, who suffered this type of fate, but I was wrong.I pleaded with her to tell me what happened, she then dropped a bomb- shell. My biggest question is, can we really stop sexual harassment from trusted relatives, friends and family members? From everlasting to everlasting, men will always be men.I am of the opinion that, the responsibility of protecting female children rests more with mothers.My children (aged 11 , 9 & 2 ) were instructed by us (father & Mother) to quickly report any form of harassment (touching, spoken-actions, eyeing, mingling, etc with their private areas) from ANYBODY including either of us, their friends, teachers (at school/home), doctors, pastors, lecturers, extended family members (grandparents inclusive).By being very proactive, vigilant, friendly, tolerant and inquisitive about them daily is a must.I didn’t know what really got into her, but she scolded me not to say such a thing again.

My parents had to travel to daddy’s hometown for a burial.I couldn’t wait for him to leave before asking what happened.Instead of saying something, she started crying again. Our other roommates were around, so I couldn’t really press her. I have had cause to follow her on holidays to meet her parents in the UK.As for me, no uncle or brother would ever come to live in my house.I also will prayerfully take care of my children, especially my daughter(s). The irony about it is that, sometimes you blame yourself. You would wish you had the power to have it otherwise.

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