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The group was established by Paisley as a complement to the security forces (Paisley had previously been associated with the Ulster Protestant Volunteers loyalist paramilitary group).

It grew from opposition to the increasing pace of co-operation between the governments of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland In a statement, Paisley’s son – North Antrim DUP MP Ian Paisley – angrily denied his father had sought arms from Israel.

There is no doubt that given our poor border security in the 1980s…

Such suggestions may seem far-fetched, but recent history has given many people reason to be suspicious.

The loss of these documents provides an apt metaphor for what colonialism means to many in Britain. Absolutely everything people in the DUP say about Brexit is fantasy so it’s no surprise that remarks by blowhard DUP MPs about Irish government involvement in The North is also fantasy. Perhaps, because the likes of Deputy Dodds and Donaldson always opposed the Good Friday Agreement— and in Donaldson’s case walked out on David Trimble— it’s understandable that they don’t know what the GFA says about Irish government involvement in The North.

Embarrassing facts are neatly filed away, labelled as “the past”, and on the rare occasions that the archives are inspected, damning evidence is nowhere to be seen. What’s puzzling is that no-one in Sinn Féin stands up and makes a detailed speech spelling out for DUP slow learners Dublin’s guaranteed role in The North.

He said he had replied to Paisley that these things could be dealt with only between governments.” Paisley did flirt with paramilitaries, most notably the armed Third Force he created in the early 1980s.

He was denied access to America and had his visa revoked for threatening violence.

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