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As with those deadly black beans, cooking the pits causes a breakdown of the harmful substances and renders them safe for consumption, which is why your game of Clue doesn’t come with tiny pewter noyaux along with the wrench and candlestick. The French toss ‘em after they pluck out the kernel, Americans pitch them after eating the fruit, and Brave Tart thinks they make a great case for saving the best for last.

Peach pits (and apricot and cherry pits) are , please, please, please don’t throw yours away.

Sharing a single recipe for pits (peach or otherwise) can’t cover the scope of their use as an ingredient. So rather than give you one measly recipe, I’ll cover the technique instead.

Roast the kernels/noyaux another 15 minutes to make sure you’ve destroyed the amygdalin, then use the noyaux as you would any roasted nut. Magical recipes, thrifty baking and no reason to accuse Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen, with the peach pits…

For simpler dessert, a panna cotta or sorbet, the shorter steep time will work just fine. If you’re flavoring a liquor, you can just strain without reheating.

If you’re making a cake, you’ll need to chill the liquid back down to room temp or cooler before proceeding.

Using these things satisfies my deep seated urge to save, but since it keeps food cost down, an official part of my job, no one judges me for it.

Beyond that, I love the unexpected creativity these “bonus ingredients” inspire, the new life they give to recipes I’ve made a hundred times before.

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