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Microsoft Outlook email is now installed and ready to be used.

Explore the Microsoft website to determine which version of Outlook you would like to buy.

You can also change the installation directory if you would like to install the program somewhere other than the default location. This can take several minutes, depending on the speed of your computer.

When the process is complete, click the "Finished" button on the installation wizard to close it.

Then click "Properties." Your system's specifications are listed in the window that appears. Your unique product code should be printed on the disc's packaging.

Follow the on-screen prompts to decide whether you want normal installation or custom installation, which you might use if there are certain components of Microsoft Outlook that you do not want to install.

When asked for the code, press "Ctrl" and "V" on the keyboard to paste your code into the boxes, then click "Next."Change any installation settings on the next two screens; you can change the destination directory for the program installation and determine which specific aspects of Microsoft Outlook to install or omit.

Wait for the entire installation process to complete, then click the "Finished" button on the installation wizard.

Microsoft Outlook email is now ready for you to use.

And, as with most Microsoft products, new versions are released every few years.

Look at the system requirements printed on the outside of the disc packaging.

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