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Everyone has their own views on this, but we really think it depends on what you are looking for.

Many single mums aren’t looking for a replacement dad for their children.

Many of our female members state quite clearly on their profile that they are looking for casual dating or even just one night stands. Single mums have often been cooped up at home with their kids all day, and by the time they meet you on a date, they are ready to tear your clothes off.

At least that is what our male members report to us! This is a question many sceptical male members ask us before they use the site: are single mums really very open in the bedroom?

There is nothing wrong with this, and we are always delighted when members stay together and build a family together.

This is probably not what the average members signs up for, but that is the beauty about Single Mums: it's a fun, safe environment where no one is judged.

As a mother with two children in secondary education myself, I have a sense of the vulnerability parents can feel when crossing the school’s threshold to hear how their child is getting on.

Some single mothers are after more than just no strings dating.

With examination results and rankings going back to 2010 in many cases, this is the most comprehensive resource covering elite primary school performance in the UK.

Full state and independent secondary school rankings will be published next week SEARCHING BY PARENT POWER TABLES The Parent Power tables are divided into independent and state schools.

You can take as much as you want out of the experience, from a simple fling, to a full blown relationship.

Either way, you're likely to find someone that you fancy, as we have millions of members all across the United Kingdom, looking for dates.

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