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Sara has also posted a caption in which she describes Veer as "he doesn't mind road ka dosa, he is super sensitive, and he's the kind of guy you want to walk on the beach with". Meanwhile, click ahead to know which Bollywood's future star kid we should watch out for...

He now works as a consultant at a public affairs firm in Anaheim, California, according to his Linked In page, but he previously served as a top homicide detective and served in the military as a paratrooper in the United States Army.

In running for public office, independents sometimes choose to form a party or alliance with other independents, and may formally register their party or alliance.

Even where the word "independent" is used, such alliances have much in common with a political party, especially if there is an organization which needs to approve the "independent" candidates.

Mumbai Mirror reports that the beautiful Sara has shared her pic with a boy on the website

The boy is Veer Pahariya, the grandson for former Union minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde.

Cadman then stood in the subsequent election as an independent and defeated Cheema, as well as the candidates of other Canadian parties, by a significant margin.

While Ibrahim has left a mark on the social networking site, Instagram with his dubsmash videos, his sister, Sara is also making headlines.Independents are a recurrent feature of the federal Parliament of Australia, and they are more commonly elected to state parliaments.There have been up time five independents in every federal parliament since 1990, and independents have won twenty-eight times during national elections in that time.It remained common, however, to have a small number of Independent Liberal or Independent Conservative MPs into the 1950s.Independent politicians have held considerable sway in the Canadian House of Commons in recent years as Canada has been governed by successive minority governments with independent Members of Parliament (MPs) sometimes sharing in the balance of power.

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    To those Christians who may be considering marrying a non-Christian, ask any Christian who has married a non-Christian, and you will hear how difficult it is to not share in your marriage relationship the reason why you live: your relationship with God. We marry to enjoy God through Christ, but it is impossible to enjoy God through sin. You can also connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google .