Quiz on radiometric dating

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← BACK A bacterial plasmid carrying genes that confer resistance to certain antibiotics.

This is NOT about Religion, but about Truth, for the fact is that we exist; this is True because the world exists and we exist simply because every day when we wake up, we are still the same person only a day older.

Therefore, to seek the truth of how we got here is to search for our Maker: either God or nature.

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Neuron that transmits signals between different regions of the central nervous system.The short time immediately after an action potential in which the neuron cannot respond to another stimulus, owing to an increase in potassium permeability.A pattern of development, such as that of a mammal, in which the early blastomeres retain the potential to form the entire animal.) that exploded -- and over "billions of years" slowly and against the laws of nature ...organized itself more and more and more and more ...

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