Relative age dating animation

atoms concentrated into a very tiny spot, about 1 μm in diameter.

There cannot be too many atoms or the alpha damage causes a dark diffuse sphere, making it difficult to recognize the type of halo.

The RATE team subsequently found out, by subcontracting the diffusion experiment to a secular scientist critical of creationists, that the diffusion of helium through biotite is insignificant compared to diffusion out of the zircon crystals.Accelerated radioactive decay sometime in the past is thus strongly supported.The uniformitarian diffusion rate predicted from the radiometric ‘age’ is about 5 orders of magnitude too slow!With U halos, colouration initially develops after 100 Ma worth of alpha decay, becomes darker after about 500 Ma worth, and very dark after about 1 billion worth at today’s rates.Within the biblical time frame, halos provide further evidence for accelerated radiometric decay.

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