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Viticulture on the hill slopes was practiced from the 18th century but adjustments in acreage brought under viticulture and pasture, and viticulture and horticulture (fruits) became necessary to meet the economic conditions in the region.Concurrent with this, the country side also started developing and this closely affected the agricultural practices in the region.

The Babenberg Margraves, with Leopold I as their first king, ruled in Wachau from 976 AD.

It has been inferred that Krems and Melk were well settled establishments in the early Neolithic period between 4500 BC and 1800 BC.

Wachau Valley's ancient history in the Neolithic period started with deforestation by the people of the land for cultivation and settlement.

small watchtower-like fortresses) in the area of Rossatz-Arnsdorf municipality, the remains of which can still be seen today, most notably in Bacharnsdorf.

Roman rule on the southern banks of the Danube came to an end when King Odoaker ordered the evacuation of the Latin speaking population in 488 AD.

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