Sam stephanie biggest loser dating da brat and allen iverson dating

Sam was born on the tiny island of American Samoa and was adopted by his uncle and aunt who lived in the States when he was just a baby.

The former lovebirds met on Season 9 of the hit weight loss show and collectively lost 241 pounds.Through nine weeks on the ranch, Black team member Sam has lost 94 pounds and Stephanie has lost 56.The other remaining Black team members are Andrea Hough, 24, of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Ashley Johnston, 27, of Knoxville, Tennessee. Check out the photos and video of Sam and Stephanie in their new home.And sharing common interests -- such as healthy eating and regular exercise -- is often a key factor in finding lasting love.Click through the slideshow below to see which couples on "The Biggest Loser" have made it last.

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