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Emailing shows much more interest than a simple wink. If you can’t put forth the effort to court her with that first online message, what is going to happen six months into the relationship?

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If she wasn’t interested in who you are, assuming you took the time to really lay it all out in your dating profile, then there probably wouldn’t have been much there anyway. In the above email example, the subject line can be “A Fellow [INTEREST] Fan!

Here is how to craft the best first message online dating: Read her profile and look at her pictures. Of course, we also have to talk about the email subject line. ” It’s not that hard but yes it does take some effort on your part.

Pull out some information that you can use to start a conversation. Most (as in every single freaking guy) will simply put “Hi” or “Hey” or “What’s Up”. Leave the subject line for last and fill it in once you finish the message. But if you are really looking for a special girl, you are going to have to put in the work.

It’s also one of the reasons why I stress that you take the time in preparing your online dating profile.

More importantly though, girls know a wink is a cop-out.

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