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then I’m sure you have heard a thing or two about it. Maybe something caught your attention and interest here. Getting started in SL takes some time and patience. Relay for Life), and that’s just a small selection.So watch out and take advantage of this opportunity.In ” in the Classifieds or even better the Places tab.To blend in you should demonstrate individuality in shaping your individual character.Start by editing your appearance and sculpt your avatar until you like what you see.You’ll find a sandbox, an area where you can drop items from your inventory or start building.Use it to get familiar with the tools you have, it’s free!

You will also have to pass some tests before you may proceed to Help Island.

Did you find this little guide helpful for your start into a Second Life? She holds a Doctorate in Natural Sciences, a Diplom from Germany, and an MSc from Sweden.

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To start building, right-click on the ground and select from the pie menu.

From the menu that comes up you can select the type of object you would like to create, then click onto the ground again and the item will apear. On Help Island you will also find a lot of posters.

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