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In the 1940's, she acted in a few movies, entertained the troops in WWII and, in... He moved to Blacksburg, SC in 2005 after attending Gaffney Senior High School where he took Broadcast Journalism.

Homeland Born last of 3 children to Joe Louis and Sarah Tate in Gaffney South Carolina, Heanon Tate has emerge as a fresh face with lots of talent. Thats when He wanted to become an actor but never got to live his dream until now. The Manson Family Tim Montgomery was born on January 25, 1975 in Gaffney, South Carolina, USA.

What would become Norfolk was put under the Elizabeth Cittie incorporation.

In 1634 King Charles I reorganized the colony into a system of shires.

Norfolk is one of the oldest cities in Hampton Roads, and is considered to be the historic, urban, financial, and cultural center of the region.

The city has a long history as a strategic military and transportation point.

In 1619, the Governor of the Virginia Colony, Sir George Yeardley incorporated four jurisdictions, termed citties, for the developed portion of the colony.

In part because of its merchants' numerous trading ties with other parts of the British Empire, Norfolk served as a strong base of Loyalist support during the early part of the American Revolution.

Following recovery from the Revolutionary War's burning, Norfolk and her citizens struggled to rebuild.

In 1804, another serious fire along the city's waterfront destroyed some 300 buildings and the city suffered a serious economic setback.

Norfolk is located at the core of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, named for the large natural harbor of the same name located at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay.

It is one of nine cities and seven counties that constitute the Hampton Roads metro area, officially known as the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC MSA.

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