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There have been murders and everything in this apt and I do not wish to continue living here.Please do not consider this place save you 0 and go somewhere else!!! Oh yea, not only is parking limited here they allow over sized trucks to be parked in the parking lot instead of on the streets and you cannot park next to these because they take up two spots so thats another battle when dealing with this dump! Well first the rent here is high for these small apartments, the place is infested with rodents that scratch and chew at the walls trying to enter your unit at night. They speak no english and when you put in a request it could take up to half a yr before you see any type of progress.

The office hours are not conducive to individuals who work a 9 to 5 job.This is a pretty big complex and they have absolutely no security making sure the grounds are safe.I am counting down the days when I move out of here! The fitness center is only accessible when the office is open.Plus from talking to other residents they have pestilence, rodent, and bird problems. The staff know that its residents work, so when they have to call for issues and maintenance requests, they are rude.

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