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Most of the times, these operations are lazy in nature, so they start producing new stream elements and send it to the next operation.Intermediate operations are never the final result producing operations.Such as we can create a stream from the list and filter it based on a condition.

However, the company’s possible IPO comes amid the rollercoaster ride of global steel prices, as the renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement drag on, and the Trump administration threatens to impose steel tariffs.As a key part of its comeback, Stelco seeks to claw back sales in the auto business, one of the sectors most exposed to the international trade talks. Steel, the former owner of Stelco, “had really taken over all of the contracts for the auto industry,” which is now a “key market” for the reborn Stelco.“And they’re going to have to fight their way back into the market,” Warrian said.The prospectus noted that North American automakers had a record year in 2016 for light vehicle production, but auto made up just three per cent of Stelco’s sales that year, down from 37 per cent in 2006. Before we look into Java Stream API Examples, let’s see why it was required.Suppose we want to iterate over a list of integers and find out sum of all the integers greater than 10.

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