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Switzerland's capital is Bern, however Zurich is its most populous city. Switzerland is famous for the Alps, which run through the central and southern areas of the country.The smaller Jura mountains take up the northeast border with France.Famous Swiss products are cheese, chocolate, watches and clocks.Confidentiality and reliability in Swiss banking have made Switzerland the world's leading banking center.For drinks with less than 12% alcohol, the age is 16.These laws are not strictly enforced, and many Swiss teens drink before they reach the legal age. Most teens get a driver's license, but fewer than 5 have their own cars.Traditional Swiss cooking has strong French, Italian, and German influences. Students and teachers usually have a good relationship, based on respect.The most famous Swiss dish is fondue, cubed bread dipped in a mixture of melted Gruyere and Emmentaler cheeses and white wine. Students normally have 6 to 8 classes per day, followed by another 2 hours of homework. When Swiss students change classes, the whole class stays together.

The drinking age in Switzerland is 18 for beverages containing more than 12% alcohol.

Switzerland has a thriving economy, and its citizens enjoy the highest standard of living in Europe, if not the world.

Though neutral, Switzerland maintains a military force.

Swiss students meet fewer of their peers than American students, but often develop very close friendships as the same students will stay together for years.

Swiss children attend pre-school at age four, then proceed to 6 years of primary school.

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