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“They were just shy,” says Virtue’s dad Jim, a London lawyer (Virtue says she was hiding a bit of a crush).

On the ice, though, their talent couldn’t be contained.

In October 2008, Virtue went under the knife to relieve pain in her shins, the result of chronic exertional compartment syndrome (each of her calves still bears four circular scars from the surgery).

It was interesting that Scott said they have always been "civil" with Davis and White - the media has always made it seem that they are "training friends." I never really bought that.

I really doubt she spends a lot of time watching them practice lifts, but I will believe that that competitive edge is an ever present element of the Detroit Skating Club.

Still, as a skating fan I can't deny how fun it is to watch this show, even if I want to cringe when they play super cheesy music in the background instead of Ella when we watch then perform their FD.

Doctors had told them that “nobody recovers the same from this surgery,” Moir told .

“And for the longest time before that they didn’t even know what was wrong with her.” Yes, it’s been quite the ride for Canada’s golden duo, the youngest ice dance gold medallists in history, and the first North Americans to win the event in its 30-year Olympic history.

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