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When page opens then you may scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your observing location, time, date, etc. Click on any area of the map to see an enlarged detailed view.Note that Universal Time is 4 hours ahead of Washington, D. Observing Tips for The Month a text discussion of the Moon, planets, and other interesting celestial objects in the night sky from night to night. This is a public service provided by Company Seven and the University of Texas Mc Donald Observatory.This year's theme will be "Living In The Atmosphere of The Sun".20 March 2006 Company Seven supporting NASA annual 'Sun-Earth Day 2006' educational activities.

In order to maintain perfect focus at all operating temperatures the construction of the tube assembly and many mechanical components are largely of Invar, an ultra-low expansion aerospace grade alloy.We employed a selection of Tele Vue Panoptic, Tele Vue Nagler, Tele Vue Radian, and a matched pair of Carl Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic series eyepiece sets and filters.While this was a good "practice run" for us, the seeing conditions were marginal with notable humidity and sky glow.Therefore, the telescopes were limited by seeing conditions to moderate magnifications on the order of 300X or less.Regardless of the seeing limitiations, the large number of visitors were nonetheless enthralled by Mars.

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