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Basically, you can do whatever you want with a software licensed under the MIT license - only if you add a copy of the original MIT license and copyright notice to it.

So that’s about it for ten of your top Berkeley Software Distribution Licenses (BSD) questions answered.

The BSD license family (including the Modified BSD License), on the other hand, doesn’t compel you to do any of the above. Both the newer BSD Licenses as well as the Apache 2.0 License are permissive in nature, allowing easy redistribution.

In fact, the earlier versions of the Apache License were identical to the original (and later the modified) BSD licenses, but Apache License 2.0 sets them apart.

The BSD License family doesn’t impose the reciprocity clause, you’re free to redistribute your code as you like.

The BSD Licenses are highly permissive and don’t have any strict terms governing their software redistribution.

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