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Essentially you have two options: Hi many thanks for your reply.

The reply by mauri fixes the updating issue for me (by bypassing the need to use ftp credentials).

However one of the things I often hear from web administrators is “why are the changes I have made in the application Host.config not showing up in IIS”.

Though there could be multiple reasons for this, the most common reason is using a 32 bit editor to modify the application Host.confg on a 64 bit OS.

I try putting in the credential values but keep getting no response or - IUSR -site password etc etc). I have asked for help with this on Word Press forum, Word Press codex, IIS7 forum, googled & tweeted for help to fix this and found no answer!

updating iis-35

For large or repetitive tasks in IIS (migrating sites, adding additional site bindings, etc.), modifying the applicaion Host.config can prove to be much simpler and efficient than using IIS Manager .

What I really want is to enter the correct ftp credentials for Word Press on IIS and have it work and autoupdate to the latest version.

Does anyone know what ftp credentials I have to use to get this done please?

I would also like to know how to set my IIS up so when asked for the ftp credentials I can put in the info & have it work that way too!

However very many thanks for your very helpful reply Thank you for the clarification on IIS Permissions for my Word Press site.

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