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The track values for position and time are saved in the selected matter. All other programs for track interpretation will get another result as this program shows. For the power save command is no answer, so when we start the status is undefined.'Reset GPS' brings the GPS from SIRF mode to NMEA mode.If the flag is ON the views show a log sign at the bottom. If you want to delete all tracks to get a blank new track please use the menu 'Database' - 'Clear DB'.Edit Track - Brings a dialog to edit the track name (12 characters) and the track description (60 characters). The selected value is also the current track for saving locations. Export Track - Exports the active track (PCX, KML, IGC or GPX format).The area may defined as To Go or Not To Go area - this regulates the color of the area. Please use only files in this formats: H IDNT LATITUDE LONGITUDE DATE TIME ... A simple graphic viewer for BSB get here Image Visu (20).(3rd and 5th Generation only) sample areas CTR in Germany data subdirectory pics. To define own pictures rename this an place a new icons.* file here. How to design a bsb file: Download this package from libbsb.and read the description.It exports and imports waypoints and routes und uses online and offline maps. Features: This application requires an external Bluetooth GPS device or a plugin for the internal gps.Use the PC Suite to transfer and install this software.

Press '*' until you have the map centered and visible. Than press the center of navigation button and select 'Position as Waypoint' or 'Cancel'. A map uses this size: a Gif file (300 KBytes file size) and 866x502 pixels uses around 900KBytes of space in the 1:1 view. Sample Map Source: Part of the German Topographic Maps 000 The bitmap file needs a calibration file in the same directory and with the same name.Only three of them are used (2 with the greates distance and one other point). When an error correction if defined in BSB header it is used. The file extention of BSB files is *There is a tool that uses the BSB library and has a graphical interface.Please try Raster Chart2BSB Here a short documentation concerning kap file generation.Each of them has a position with altitude, a bitmap for the display, an alarm distance and an alarm function. :/Nokia/Others/AFTrack In the version for the 3rd generation the import for GPX tracks or routes is also available. A good source to solve the calibration problems is for me the Terra Server.Alarm distance and function is set on the import and is predefined on the used waypoint group. It gets the values from its waypoint group To add a waypoint from bearing means the start is the current position and you have to enter the distance (input depends on the selected speed mode - m, ft or nm) and the angle to run. When a route is started and there is a nearer point than the start point the program asks for the entry point. The sat pictures helps to find some special calibration points and it coordinates. For moving around in the map use the navigation button.

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