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Tailgate participated in the defense of Iacon against the onslaught of the Blitz Engines and the Decepticon crew of the Warworld.He didn't have time to do much of anything except get shot by Needlenose.Due to an accident with the quantum engine, the Lost Light was duplicated and another Tailgate woke up to bond on a different Lost Light. We dunno because the Decepticon Justice Division showed up and killed everyone!Ratchet soon discovered Tailgate's age when he studied his ancient systems, and called Swerve in to carbon-date him.

Placed in a situation with Autobots who don't know him from Primon, this sanitation 'Bot will spin a tall tale the height of a Titan in an attempt to impress his fellows before it all comes crashing down.

Easily his most distinctive mental issue is his occasional inability to tell the difference between a non-living Earth machine and sentient robotic life such as himself.

While it's a mistake many other Cybertronians have made at first, typically they learn quickly and let it go. Once he gets it into his head, his compassion turns to rage against the "enslavers", and is quite vocal in his desire to "free" the machines of Earth. Tailgate was one of a group of Minibots stationed at the Ark in 2006.

Dying from its wounds, the dog transferred the super science into Powerglide, giving him brief access to Scramble Power.

Along with the other Minibots, Tailgate merged with Powerglide into a Minibot combiner and swiftly defeated Bruticus.

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