Validating fradulent documents

For example Tax Clearances and B-BBEE certificates.

But together with these documents there are other compulsory documents such as a License to manufacture medicines and a Medicines Registration certificate.

Also, by capturing ID data you can build a database of known "return offenders" so that when one of these people show up in your store, not only will you deny the return but you can present law enforcement with hard evidence that this person is a retail return fraud offender.

The hard evidence in question is a high resolution image of the persons identification regardless of whether it is real or fake.

These ICA devices are designed to ID documents, by conducting high-confidence pattern matching and data-matching inspection of the document.

In addition, they will capture customer information into an encrypted database and maintain the information, including images of the picture on the license, in the event that an investigation needs to be conducted.

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Retail return fraud is so prevalent that some retailers (about 7%) have adopted policies requiring customers returning merchandise to present a valid ID.

We believe that validation of ID documents at the return counter during your return transactions will immediately decrease the number of fraudulent returns experienced in your stores. If an ID is discovered to be a fake, the return would simply be denied.

All it would take is the installation of a machine that validates ID documents and a change in your return policy to require the employees working the returns counter to validate ID's with every return.

In spite of these numbers over 80% of retailers will not change their return policies this year.

Incredibly, about 10 of the retailers polled will actually loosen their policies to make it easier for legitimate customers to make merchandise returns.

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