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It was accompanied by a music video directed by Cameron Duddy and filmed in a set that features the top floor of a business skyscraper.It premiered at the 2015 Kid's Choice Awards and was released that same day on the group's Vevo channel.Lyrically, the song discusses themes of feminism, self-worth and confidence but has been challenged for its suggestive lyrics and double entendres.Commercially, the song debuted at number 82 for the week marked at February 7, 2015 on the Billboard Hot 100.Several music critics noted that "Worth It" production is comparable to "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo for similar use of horns.However, it can be considered as a feminist anthem, according to Jeff Benjamin from Fuse it can inspire "young girls to truly believe they're 'Worth It' and can own Wall Street or any other place on which they set their sights".'Give it to me I'm worth it,' they determine, dripping with sass." Davidson also stated, "It mightn't be the most groundbreaking of tracks, but it's got enough attitude to forgive that." The following week, the song would rise two spots at a new peak of 39, earning the group their second top 40 hit and their highest charting single at the time of the publication.

In a mixed-positive review, Amy Davidson, from Digital Spy, noted that "trumpets and saxophones have experienced a resurgence [and Fifth Harmony] have laid it on thick for some serious sax-sampling.This latter view of the song is highlighted in its music video.while the second verse is sung by Camila Cabello who delivers the song's most suggestive lines, "Come harder just because/I don't like it, like it too soft/I like it a little rough/Not too much, but maybe just enough." "Worth It" received mixed reviews from music critics, receiving praise for its catchy rhythm and attitude but was criticized for sounding similar to Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty".Singapore government has been opening up user data access to ease information exchange and business transactions, but it should observe some caution as major organisations continue to slip up over security.The song impacted American rhythmic crossover radio on March 2, 2015 as the third and final single from the group's debut studio album, Reflection (2015). Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen, "Worth It" is mainly a dance-pop & R&B song that incorporates elements of hip hop and a strong use of Balkan music in its production, the trademark of its producer and songwriter, Ori Kaplan.

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