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While there, he runs into Serena's new love interest, Dan Humphrey.At Bart Bass' annual brunch for his foundation, he asks Serena if they can have a private moment to talk.Ohanian and Williams' two-month-old daughter, Alexis, was in attendance, along with close friends and family — including Serena's sister, Venus. Serena Williams and Common are rumored to be dating again, TMZ said.Serena Williams fears for nephew when he gets behind wheel of car Adding: "But I do recognize that if we were both at different points at that time then the relationship would have been different.I let the past be the past, grow from the past and stay in the present." Reps for Serena and Common did not respond to the News request for comment.Before Serena leaves for boarding school, Nate lost his virginity to her; despite the fact that Nate is dating her best friend, Blair Waldorf. In the end, he ends up with neither as he doesn't want to get in between the two girls.During Pilot, Nate hopes to give a romantic relationship with Serena a real chance when she returns from boarding school.

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Williams announced the news in a poem in the Reddit "r/isaidyes" forum.

In season three they enter a romantic relationship, but break up in the season finale, Last Tango, Then Paris.

Serena ultimately loves Dan and chooses to be with him up over Nate.

And you know that I love you." -Serena to Nate, The Sixteen Year Old Virgin The relationship between Nate and Serena, also known as Serenate, is the friendship and former romantic relationship between Serena van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald Serena and Nate have been close friends since early childhood.

I wish that somehow we could relive that night, because this time I'd know that you love me.

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