Women wearing wide belts intimidating

" and "Well, at least they showed torture of women in a mainstream movie! In fact, it is what is paying our bills until the legal crap gets settled.

" There were a lot of WGOs (Wasted GIMP Opportunities) but I liked the part where they showed women being suspended and (supposedly) tortured by mechanical devices (see URL above). The cliff notes version of the story goes something like this: my ex/biodad is being a poopyfuckfuck, is suddenly taking issue after four years with my vocation, has remarried into money, his new wife thinks I'm Satan, and she's bankrolling my demise :) I am in a prolonged custody battle to retain custody of my children. If you would like to purchase a custom, please contact me at [email protected] She will be around for a few days, so if you want to see a Rockstar custom with the two of us (or even a three girl custom featuring myself, Jasmine Mendez, and Kimberly Marvel) contact me ASAP!

They're all different, but they're also all friends of the site and tie in with what we talk about here. LTL: Forgot to mention how much I enjoyed that music video you linked.

As far as you're not liking it, let me ask you one question. -------------- TGG: Dude, I like you, but please tell me what Lindsay Lohan taking a drug test has to do with tied-up women. -------------- Wednesday Harrington: Welcome to the forum. Regardless of the politics, it was a spirited performance that reminded me of the kind of stuff college radio stations used to crank out in the 80s. Anyone know if that band has done a vid with bondage in it?

The warden seizes three for suspicion of involvement with a rebel group.

Theyre cuffed inside the wardens vehicle and taken away.

I find hard to believe that Lindsay could pass a drug test, even if it could be true. I'm sure Steve Power can take it in stride but you're libel to get John Galt all twisted.

Boilerplant wrote: Been really liking this series of Delila but now she is completley naked...

Yeah, I must've been out taking a whiz when they showed her getting that dress ripped off of her. ------- LTL wrote: ..can you do if Kate Beckinsale & Scarlett Johansson, despite all their fame and notoriety, are too shy to come forward? Hollywood chicks go for ascendant politicians (the whole alpha male thing, I guess). The Tea Party is for wimps..the GIMP Party...well, I don't think I have to finish that for you all.

Dan Hawke, House of Gord, Backdoor Bondage, Natasha Flade, Red Feline, ZFX, etc.

have all had turns at the top of the site in the past.

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