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You may even say why do Indians scoff at live-in relationships, why do they wear saris but not shorts etc. If tomorrow say another country allows nudity in public, will you begin to wonder about the same why it is not being allowed in India?

There are so many other issues that Westerners engage in which would puzzle Indians - that does not mean Indians expect all Western people should abandon their views and adopt Indian views. Anonymous, USA I'm from Liberia, West Africa and I grew up watching Indian movies.

Some people play it down, saying those who protest belong to a "loony fringe" of moral fundamentalists.

Others say it is a hangover from tradition in an ancient civilisation.

A smooch can get you in serious trouble in the world's largest democracy.

Earlier this week, a court in Delhi - ah, of all places, in the "happening" capital!

It took the Supreme Court to suspend an arrest warrant against Gere, and obscenity charges against Shetty.

Much earlier, in the early 1990s, I remember the public outrage after Nelson Mandela kissed actress Shabana Azmi when he came visiting.

"Looked at closely," says leading Indian sociologist Dipankar Gupta, "revulsion against Westoxication is principally an aesthetic sneer and not a full blooded call for a return to tradition".

Each country has its traditions and one must pay attention to those issues.

You cannot blindly import values from one society and impose on another society.

'Westoxication' Vedic Sanskrit texts, dating back to 1500 BC, apparently contain the first mention of a kiss in writing.

(A caveat from a researcher: "This does not mean that nobody kissed before then, and it doesn't mean that Indians were first to kiss.") India's famous epic poem and one of the world's oldest literary works, The Mahabharata, composed sometime between 3000 BC and 1500 BC, mentions kissing.

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