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With her eyes back on the road, she increases her efforts between her legs as the intensity of the feeling down there grows. She lets out a loud groan when it finally courses through her body, making sure to keep her eyes open, but her attention is not as it should be.

The thought that she usually closes her eyes when she climaxes crosses her mind so she prepares herself to keep them open this time to avoid causing an accident. Suddenly she hears a horn honking from the car behind her and realises that she has drifted into the lane for oncoming traffic.

Kim wakes up the following day to the wonderful smell of a cooked breakfast as it fills the house, beckoning her to come down stairs.

Her stepmother is an amazing woman whom she bonded with very well when she was younger and their relationship developed into a loving one to the point that Kim saw her as a mother and friend.As her step-mother Sue opens the door so they can go inside, they are greeted by Kim’s parents massive Great Dane Duke, who pushes past Kim’s father looking for Sue’s attention.She crouches down to hug him, giving him a lot of affection.Her parents greet her warmly in the driveway and give her a gift.It’s a bracelet that her parents picked out for her and she absolutely adores it.

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